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4th St. East

Welcome to "Santa Rosa, Then and Now", or SRTAN for short.

Santa Rosa is a town of conflict between consistency and change.  A town designed by earthquakes, striving to recoup what it once had generations ago, a focal point for people to gather.  Santa Rosa has endeavored to maintain it's roots, and at the same time appeal to the communities drawn to strip malls.  The blend has changed the town significantly, but at the same time, the architecture is still very much the same. On one corner we have the Exchange Bank building that has had  more changes than Michael Jackson's nose, and on the other corner we have the Rosenberg building that has stayed the same for over seventy years.

I've tried to document the changes. Using my collection of old postcards, I've strived to recreate the pictures taken so many years ago.  I've added large pictures so you can explore in detail what Santa Rosa used to be like in the past.

Come back often, as this site will change and grow as I learn more about web-page design and get more pictures.

On the tabs above, "4th St. East" means the pictures were taken east of Mendocino Ave., and "4th St. West" means the pictures were taken west of Mendocino Ave.

Mendocino Ave.

4th St. West


Courthouse Square


1906 Earthquake

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Santa Rosa Overhead

Sonoma Coast

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See change happen
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View my back yard one week at a time for six years

See change happen II
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